Friday 2 February 2007

I don't know why sometimes when I was alone, I can't stop myself thinking about what is going on with my life recently... I've never thought about this before and yet, I can't figure out what went wrong and why I'm getting this awkward feeling everytime... Its like I'm losing myself and being carried away with my emotion. I tend to get angry easily, depressed and sometime sad... Am I going nuts??? No, it can't be!!... My mind is still rationale and my brain is functioning as usual... I don't do funny things or behave like a mad person... It just that when someone is talking to me, I feel like I'm lost... I can't pay much attention to what they've said... Oh my, I think... I need a break... I need to relax and sort things in my head... Maybe because of my heavy workload and problems around me had caused my reaction to change inadvertently... That's is why I've changed... I guess... Luckily, I have a bunch of friends who always be with me all times... My best friends, my officemates, my families... All of them are so nice and has supported me during good and bad times... I can't imagine my life without them... If I lost them, I don't think my day will be the same again, ever....

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