Wednesday 31 May 2006

Today is the busiest day ever!... You know why? Because I need to rush and clear everything on my table... I guess everybody in my department knows how I worked... I've no chance to hang out my office colleagues, spending my time talking and chatting with them... All I do is sit and work on the paperwork which has piled up since last week... Sometimes, I feel bad about it. I shouldn't treat them that way and I really hope that they will understand my situation... I'm so sorry....
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As usual, I started my day with nice fried 'mee hoon' and a cup of tea for breakfast, refresh/update myself by reading the newspaper before I turned on my PC... Sometimes, I'm tired of all these normal routine and wish I can get over with... Daydream again... Well, reality check, this is my life anyway... Can run away from it unless I've done something different from the moment I opened up my eyes early in the morning...
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At 1.00, I had my lunch somewhere in Bangsar area... Today, I need to collect my movie ticket which I've booked earlier... Guess what movie I'm going to watch??? Its X-Men, The Last Stand !... Can't wait to watch it... I've read the story write up and it really attracts me to watch the film since its first launch May 25... So, without wasting time, I drove to GSC straight away... Again, I've made a mistake... I shouldn't drive at first place... It's school holiday and that place is so crowded with teenagers and kids !.... Gosshhhh.... what a headache... Not only the place is crowded, the worst part is I can't get a parking space... Luckily this 1 Chinese couple is about to leave the mall and I was waiting for them to move their car out and quickly rush in before somebody enters.... As I walk towards the cinema, I can see a lot of people... The floor is full and I was lucky because I don't have to 'Q' to purchase the ticket... Thank God!! Thanks to GSC Online Booking system...
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The time has come.... I left my office around 5 plus... Reach MV around 6.00... It’s quite early though so I decided to mingle around... A few seconds, I heard some noise coming from the centre of the mall... Something is going on over there… Well, it an exhibition for the kids organized by HP in conjunction of school holidays... I'm not quite sure what this exhibition is called but I saw this phrase "Over the Edge" surrounding the area.... I believe that is the theme and the exhibition are called... Quite a number of companies took part and sponsored the show... What do you think? Interesting right???... So, to those who doesn't have any plan for your kids during this school holidays, come and join the show... There is lot of activities going on and if you are lucky, you stand a chance to win some mystery gifts... So, what are you waiting for???

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