Sunday 24 September 2006

Meditation is a practice used to relax the body and calm the mind. It is the process of clearing the mind from all its chaos. In short, meditation is the ability to relax the mind and give it freedom to be.

Now that we have a clearer view of what meditation is, we can talk about meditation and what you can get out of it. There are a variety of ways to meditate, and once you've learned how to do it you'll feel all the better, and the more you do it the more you'll get out of it. Since there are so many ways to meditate process you choose is you to you, but I will give you a quick and easy way to meditate and you can look into other ways to meditate to suit your personal needs.

Learning how to meditate is not easy. In order to be a successful mediator you have to gentle woth yourself and do a little meditating each day, until it comes as naturally as breathing. Dont give up, practice makes perfect!

The most important part of the meditating process is to find a quiet place. Hopefully somewhere you wont be disturbed. Find a comfortable place to sit. Sitting down on the floor on a cushion with legs crossed, shoulders back and your back straight is a good choice. But if sitting on the floor is not the best choice for you, then sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor, with your back straight and with your hands in front on you in a relaxed state.

Take a deep breath and gently shut your eyes. Continue taking deep breaths. With each additional breath, you will begin to feel every part of your body relaxing. If your body is tight, know that you have to take your focus away from from that area while continuing to breath. Once you have cleared your mind and all is in a relaxed state, start a visualizing exercise, by taking your mind to a peaceful place. If you prefer to keep your mind clear simply go deeper into the meditative state, with deeper breaths.

Continue breathing through the whole process. Focus on your breathing. Dont try to control the breathing, let your body do what it does naturally. Refuse to let any thoughts interfere with your meditating. Return to your breathing. Breathe in. Now breathe out. Relax. After you let go of all the thoughts that come into your mind. Continue to breathe and soon you'll reach a moment where all is peaceful and free.

One who has learned how to meditate gets the opportunity to let go of all the stress that life has put on us. It allows you to be aware of the physical self, and gives your mind a place to rest. Meditation helps one surrender tension, tightness and struggles with the body. It gives you a place to turn when you get caught up in everyday responsibilities and you lose sight with where you are going...

Source : U Buy U Sell, 7th August 2006

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